KIRAbook squeezes 221 pixels per inch into its stunning 2560x1440 PixelPure™ Display. With a 90% higher pixel density than standard HD and true-to-life color calibration, it's a 13.3" eye-opening experience. When you can see more of every image—and more detail with incredibly high-resolution—you'll enjoy less glare, better text clarity and content that's easier to read and edit with pinpoint accuracy.

Color Certified

The KIRAbook™ is calibrated to deliver true color accuracy, using the same rigor of testing and calibration used in today's motion picture industry. With displays carrying Technicolor® Color Certified, users can be assured that what they see on the screen is being displayed as the artist intended, enhancing the viewing experience.

*Technicolor® Color Certified PC/Display: Content must be created in rec. 709 (movies/videos) or sRGB D65 (photos/web page) format for color accuracy.

Dial in Your Color

Use the preloaded Chroma Tune™ software to personalize your color setting to match your content, whether you're editing photos, watching movies, browsing the web or working on spreadsheets.


Get ready to touch, tap and swipe your day away—with incredible ease and efficiency. KIRAbook™ has a fingerprint-resistant multi-touch screen that's perfectly paired with the intuitive nature of Windows 8.1. Precisely crafted from durable Corning® Concore™ Glass plus a fingerprint-resistant coating, it's a touchscreen that works for the way we work. Visually stunning, lightweight and resistant to surface damage, KIRAbook™ is a touchscreen without tradeoffs. It's cool to the touch, easy to clean, yet sensitive enough to enable today's most sophisticated touch applications.

"An Amazing Device
Toshiba KIRAbook is an amazing device. The touch screen gives instant response, the WiFi picks up anywhere in the house with a very strong signal. It's compact, light and easily mobile—excellent for travel"

— DaringD | KIRAbook owner

durable beauty

AZ91 pressed magnesium alloy LCD cover is over 100% stronger* than the A6063 aluminum alloy used in MacBook Air®.



To ensure an incredibly light experience, we've removed every extraneous ounce without sacrificing performance or strength. The result? KIRAbook™ now starts at a mere 2.9 pounds, with a slimmer, sleek profile of only 0.7", giving the KIRAbook™ an airy look and feel not found anywhere else. Finally, an Ultrabook® that is easy on the eye and comfortable in the hand.



We engineered every KIRAbook with a honeycomb reinforced base. Inspired by one of nature's strongest structures, it increases structural rigidity and exemplifies inspired engineering.



Our design team had but one goal: create an easy-to-open hinge that was strong enough to minimize touchscreen bounce back. All so you can tap, pinch and swipe to your heart's content.


A lightweight device packed with more performance. With a 256GB solid state drive, newest processors from Intel® and a high-capacity battery, KIRAbook™ is proof positive that power can be breezy and beautiful. And because it's an Ultrabook®, you'll also enjoy the latest applications, like Intel® Wireless Display and Dragon Assistant™ voice control.

  • Ultrafast-Wifi®


    Armed with the latest 802.11ac Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® 4.0 wireless technology, KIRAbook™ delivers the unplugged freedom and speed you've been craving.

  • Backlit Keyboard


    Day or night, keep on typing. Our design team created a beautifully backlit frameless keyboard to help intuitively guide your fingers in low-light situations. Additionally, the contour of each key was designed for maximum typing comfort. So whether you're in the corner of a café, on a plane or in a dimly lit room, you'll be just as productive and social as ever.

  • Long Battery Life


    Equipped with a high-capacity battery —KIRAbook lets you forego the power cord and simply get more done on the go.

  • Backlit Keyboard


    Our team designed this convenient feature so you power your smartphone and other devices even when your KIRAbook is asleep or off. It's perfect for travelers and it's a great way to charge a dead device when you carry your PC around.

  • Windows 8.1

    WINDOWS 8.1

    Get more done and have more fun with the new Windows 8.1 operating system. Catch up on email, prepare a presentation, make a Skype™ call. Surf the web, download a new game, watch a favorite movie. Windows 8.1 PCs bring you an endless array of options for productivity and entertainment.

  • Intel® Core™ Processor


    Experience amazing performance and stunning visuals at their best—for a difference you can see and feel. Enjoy top-of-the-line speed and performance as you move effortlessly through your most demanding tasks.

"About time
I'm finally back in the type of laptop I prefer. The KIRAbook is small and light but with the horsepower to perform all of my business and personal functions."

— MLR from Washington, D.C | KIRAbook owner


Our engineers turned to the world-class audiophiles at harman/kardon® to create completely custom speakers. Paired with DTS Studio Sound™, they create an unforgettable audio experience.

DTS Studio Sound & Harman/Kardon Speakers
DTS Studio Sound


Immersive surround with deep, rich bass and crystal clear dialog is delivered at maximum volume levels and without any fluctuations, clipping, or distortion. Watch the video to learn more »

Dual Mics


Hear and be heard perfectly every time. Dual microphones with innovative Beam Forming technology help optimize your video conferencing experience.


Because peace of mind is an integral part of the KIRAbook experience, we included a complimentary limited two-year warranty, rapid repair and 24/7 support during normal business hours.†

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Get Creative, Right Out
of the Box

To complement the display's broad range of true-to-life colors, KIRAbook™ also includes Adobe® Photoshop® Elements 12 & Adobe® Premiere® Elements 12 software, so photo and video enthusiasts can master their creations quickly and seamlessly.


KIRAbook also features a complimentary two-year subscription to McAfee LiveSafe™ service, providing comprehensive protection for your digital life by protecting all the devices you own. One subscription of McAfee LiveSafe covers an unlimited* number of device licenses so you can protect all your Windows® and Mac® PCs, smart phones and tablets. McAfee LiveSafe also includes a password manager and secure cloud storage, so you can easily manage your online passwords and securely store sensitive documents online. Easily add new devices to your subscription and simply manage them from one place. Whether you are shopping on your computer or banking from your mobile device, have peace of mind knowing all your devices are secure with McAfee LiveSafe.

*Subject to limitations on reasonable use and purpose of the product. Certain product limitations may apply; see system requirements for supported platforms.

Adobe and McAfee Software



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*Pressed magnesium is used on the LCD lid only. Based on specific strength of the alloys.

†New product purchases only. Excludes refurbished units.

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