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Endpoint management has become increasingly complex as well as costly for IT administrators. Today, for companies to stay on the leading edge, IT management must be flexible and resourceful without the need to invest in expensive capital equipment. With Toshiba Cloud Client Manager (TCCM) developed with IBM® Endpoint Manager™, your business can oversee and control endpoint devices securely and reliably with comprehensive tools ensuring efficiency and device compliance.

Control hardware & software information withToshiba Asset Management

Reduce business risk and complexity with Toshiba Patch Management

Manage energy consumption intelligently withToshiba Power Management

What can Toshiba Cloud Client Manager do for your business?

TCCM Asset Management

This advanced solution provides a centrally located management interface allowing access via a web browser to customizable hardware and software inventory information. Managing each endpoint device in an organization can become complex. TCCM Asset Management allows system administrators to modify and control both the hardware and software of your organization. Not only can IT identify the hardware information per client device but also customize future hardware device lists with the exact information required by each organization. This feature allows viewing and modifying the organization's installed software products as well thus greatly reducing the complexity by which administrators can manage all hardware and software assets.

TCCM Power Management

With this solution, power management settings can be distributed and optimized down to each endpoint device including settings for peak hours of consumption. Each endpoint systems' BIOS measures and reports on power consumption providing greater detail and control. By providing the ability to monitor consumption and adjust accordingly, results in better energy efficiency gains.

    • Distribute Optimized Power Management Settings
    • System Administrator Power Profile Control
    • Each Endpoint Systems' BIOS measures Power Consumption
    • Actual Measurement Results
    • Realize Your Power Savings Initiatives and Reduced Energy Costs

TCCM Patch Management

This value added feature provides a streamlined solution for patch compliance that reduces business risks and complexity. From a single management console, a System Administrator can easily provide up to date patch visibility, control the deployment of patches, and resolve problems from previously applied patches.

  • System Administrator can automatically publish within business days of release
  • Deploy and verify patches using an automated, closed-loop process, within hours of release
  • If issues are detected, a patch rollback can be done either globally or selectively down to individual laptops
  • Manage 3rd party patches, such as Microsoft, Adobe, and Java

TCCM Pricing


$6 per device
(18 month minimum)

1 Year

$60 per device

3 Years

$140 per device

TCCM Free Trial for 90 days.

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